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Course Catalog

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Course NameCreditsGEPTermInstructor
ADN 490: Art + Design International Studio – Drawing and Etching6SummerIrena Bujárková
ADN 490: Art + Design International Studio – Photography6SummerŠtěpánka Stein
ADN 492 / FTM 491: Special Topics in Design – Illustration 3 SpringAndrea Tachezy
ADN 492: Special Topics in Design – Sculpting3 SpringKlára Horáčková
ARC 590: Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism3 FallPetra Kadlecová
ARC 490: Architecture International Studio6FallAdam Gebrian, Igor Kovačević
ARC 503: Advanced Architectural Design6FallAdam Gebrian, Igor Kovačević
ARC 590: Special Topics in Architecture – Drawing3 FallIrena Bujárková
CE 214: Engineering Mechanics - Statics3 Fall, SpringPetr Kabele
COM 292: Language, Communication, and Culture3SS, USDSummerLynsey Romo
E 101: Introduction to Engineering and Problem-Solving1IPSummerKalene Thomas
EDP 304: Educational Psychology3SSFall, Spring, SummerOndřej Pešout
EDP 370: Applied Child Development3SSFall, SummerOndřej Pešout
ENG 223: Contemporary World Literature I – Protest, Dissent, and Change3 HUM, GKFall, SpringBlanka Maderová
FL 395: Czech Culture & Language3 Fall, Spring, SummerLenka Davisonová
FTM 491: Special Topics in Textile and Apparel Management – Fashion Photography3Fall, Spring, SummerŠtěpánka Stein
GD 490: Graphic Design International Studio6 SpringMatěj Chabera
GD 492: Special Topics in Graphic Design – European Design History3 SpringVojtěch Märc
HI 209: From Renaissance to Revolution: The Origins of Modern Europe3 HUM, GKFall, Spring, SummerJakub Rákosník
ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Design in Business Context3 Spring, SummerMatěj Chabera
ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Furniture Design3 SummerMatěj Chabera
ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Product and Furniture Design3 SpringJakub Pollág & Václav Mlynář
MA 341: Applied Differential Equations3 Fall, SpringVáclav Mácha
MB 351: General Microbiology3 NSFall, Spring, SummerMarkéta Marečková, Luděk Žůrek
NR/IDS 203: Humans and the Environment3 IPFall, Spring, SummerOldřich Výlupek
PHI 221: Contemporary Moral Issues3 HUMFall, Spring, SummerMatěj Král
PS 341: European Politics3SS, GKFall, Spring, SummerJiří Koubek
PY 123: Stellar and Galactic Astronomy3NSFall, Spring, SummerBruno Jungwiert
PY 125: Astronomy Laboratory 1NSFall, Spring, SummerBruno Jungwiert
SOC 202: Principles of Sociology3 SS, USDFall, Spring, SummerEwa Grigar
SOC 350: Food and Society3SSFall, Spring, SummerEwa Grigar & Blanka Maderová
  • Classes are generally offered during the same term each year but are subject to change.