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NC State Prague Building Courtyard with a blooming tree in the middle


Prague becomes the classroom! Here at NC State European Center, the exceptional location and outstanding facilities help to provide the best study abroad experience.


NC State is located on a small square called Malé Náměstí, right around the corner from Old Town Square. It is housed within a 15th-16th century building known as “Ericsson Palace.” The center is equipped with all the modern facilities necessary for studying and learning.


WiFi is available throughout the premises and students are encouraged to bring their own laptops. The building is accessible to students from 8:00 am-10:00 pm. Storage lockers are available for enrolled students.

Common Areas

The inside courtyard

Located in an area heavily populated by tourists, the interior offers a quiet and beautiful setting for studying in Prague. The “Great Hall” accommodates up to 50 people on the ground floor and is used for multi-purpose functions, including orientation, special events, exhibitions, and workshops or symposiums. The ground floor includes spaces for socializing, holding movie nights, and a beautiful courtyard for relaxation.

Classrooms and Studios

All classrooms are equipped with a computer and a screen. Classrooms accommodate approximately 15-20 students each. Studios are available for up to 36 students attending up to three different studios and are provided to each student in a relevant program. The setup is complete with large work tables, ample lighting, good chairs, pin-up boards and everything you might need.


The central kitchen is perfect for fixing a quick bite to eat or inviting fellow students to join for a group dinner. It is equipped with refrigerators, stoves, sinks, and ample cabinet space for dry goods. The students provide and maintain cooking utensils, dishes, and tableware. We believe a productive atmosphere must include space to take a break, relax, and refuel, so a large part of the kitchen is also a common room with seating for dining and lounging.


Computer Lab

The lab contains a combination of iMacs and PCs, large-format printers, high-quality scanners, and 3D printers.


The library can be found on the second floor, where classrooms and studios are also located. It contains books and movies about Czech and European culture, history, arts, and more. Students can borrow materials at no cost or use the space to study and recharge.