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Health and Safety

Safety is a top priority for NC State European Center in Prague

Safety is a top priority for NC State Prague; students are equipped with resources and contact information on various health and safety tools. Prague’s healthcare system is high-quality and most medical professionals speak English. During the pre-departure phase and on-site orientation, students are provided with a list of healthcare options, from routine care to emergency response, all covered by GeoBlue insurance.

On-Site Emergency Assistance

NC State Prague staff are available via a 24/7 emergency phone number. Local Czech-speaking staff typically accompany students to medical facilities in the case of an emergency.

International Health Insurance

All students participating in study abroad programs are enrolled in GeoBlue International Health Insurance. Insurance is included in the total program cost. Learn More

Independent Travel

Regardless of where students travel throughout their program, NC State Prague uses travel apps and resources to monitor student safety, even outside Prague. Learn more

Traveling items to illustrate independent travels


Mental Health

Various counseling and therapy services are available in Prague, in-person and remotely. Most providers have been vetted by NC State’s Counseling Center and are routinely utilized by NC State students studying in Prague.

Diet & Nutrition

Many different food options are available for students, including vegan/vegetarian, kosher, halal, nut-free, gluten-free, etc. By law, all restaurants in the Czech Republic are required to provide menus that list food allergens. A standardized allergy/dietary restriction chart is utilized nationwide.

Physical Health

While NC State Prague does not have exercise facilities, there are many gyms, pools, and sports clubs throughout the city that students can join on a temporary basis. Many NC State students take advantage of local sports facilities and onsite staff can provide recommendations according to students’ interests.