Student Life in Prague

Situated in the center of Europe, Prague has a rich culture and history that students have the opportunity to explore while taking NC State classes.

Life at NC State Prague

Daily life in Prague as an NC State student usually consists of a tram or metro ride into the city center to attend classes. Students may enjoy studying at NC State Prague or in one of the many cafes spread throughout the city. During their free time, students can enjoy many cultural events, exhibits, or activities that are often free or very affordable.

Courses are typically scheduled Mondays through Thursdays, with a few Friday courses to ensure that all NC State contact hours are met. After students are accepted, they will receive a program schedule containing dates of local events, day trips, and overnight excursions required for the program. The schedule includes weekends and breaks, where students are free to explore the Czech Republic or Europe on their own.

Cultural Activities

Students are introduced to life at NC State Prague through a required 1-2 day orientation upon arrival in Prague. Students meet the staff and receive information key to making their program a success. Topics include introductory Czech language and culture, diversity and student life, navigating public transit, and health & safety to name a few.

In addition to the orientation facilitated by NC State Prague staff, Fall and Spring Classic Program (beginning Spring 2020) students take an immersive 3-5 day Czech culture and language course through Charles University at the beginning of the program. Charles University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the Czech Republic. Through this short course taught by a Charles University faculty member, NC State students are recognized as Charles students and gain access to resources such as the student dining halls, libraries, and student organizations. This benefit is included in the program fee at no additional cost.

While students are in classes with other NC State students at NC State Prague, they are encouraged to actively gain a deeper understanding of Czech people and culture outside of the classroom. Local staff work with students each semester to arrange structured activities designed to engage students with the Czech culture. Cultural excursions and opportunities vary each semester, depending on the local schedule of events, but may include visits to the opera, ballet, theatre, art galleries, etc. Additionally, an optional non-credit Czech Cooking Class is available every semester at no additional program cost. Students sign up upon arrival to Prague.


Orientation takes place the first day or two of the program and introduces students to important information they will need throughout the semester. Some topics include transportation, health & safety, and student life.

A walking tour of the city of Prague is also included in orientation, where students gain an overview of getting around Prague and its' many exciting cultural sites and locations they may want to visit later in the semester.