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To Apply

  • To apply for a program, visit the program’s specific webpage.
  • Click the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  • The online application system (‘PackAbroad Portal’) will guide you along the application steps.
  • All materials are to be submitted online.
  • Complete and submit all application items by that program’s application deadline (see table below).
  • Make sure you have a valid passport! (if you don’t, apply for one ASAP).
  • You may direct all application questions/issues to
  • And don’t forget that NC State Study Abroad scholarships are available.

Application Dates and Deadlines

Application DeadlineDecision Notifications Commitment Deadline
Fall: Classic*November 10February 15March 1March 15
Fall: Prague ConnectMarch 27Apr 24 | May 15Apr 29 | May 20May 13 | June 3
Spring: Classic*April 15September 15September 29October 13
Spring: Global Leadership MinorApril 15September 15September 29October 13
Summer: ClassicSeptember 26February 7February 14February 28
Summer: InternshipSeptember 26November 29December 6December 20
Summer: E101September 26November 29December 6December 20
* For non-UNC System students, please visit here.

Program Costs

Included in all Program Costs:

  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Laundry facilities/services
  • International health insurance
  • Transportation pass
  • Airport pickup
  • Orientation activities and materials
  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • 3-day in-country excursion
  • Student support services
  • On-Site Emergency Assistance 24/7
  • Registration and administration costs
Specific to Fall and Spring programs:
  • 4-day out-of-country excursion
  • Visa Application Process Support
  • Survival Czech Course
  • The International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

NOT included in the program cost:

  • International airfare
  • Meals
  • Supplies and personal expenses
  • Textbooks and studio materials
  • Passport fee
  • Visa fees (Fall & Spring Classic Programs Only)

Costs per Program

ProgramAdmin FeeRemaining BalanceTotal Program Balance*Budget Sheet
Fall: Classic*$450$11,350$11,800Budget Sheet
Fall: Prague Connect$450$10,950$11,400Budget Sheet
Spring: Classic*$450$11,350$11,800Budget Sheet
Spring: Global Leadership Minor$450$12,470$12,920Budget Sheet
Summer: Classic$450$5,830$6,280Budget Sheet
Summer: E 101$450$5,830$6,280Budget Sheet
Summer: Internship$450$6,030$6,480Budget Sheet
* For non-UNC System students, please visit here.

Please note: All cost information is tentative and subject to change. Non-billable dollar amounts are approximate. Please be prepared to pay additional personal expenses.

Payment Dates and Deadlines

ProgramSetup Fee
Study Abroad Fee
Billing Date and Payment Deadline
Fall: Classic*due by Application Deadlinedue by Commitment DeadlineUniversity Billing and Due Dates
Fall: Prague Connectdue by Application Deadlinedue by Commitment DeadlineUniversity Billing and Due Dates
Spring: Classic*due by Application Deadlinedue by Commitment DeadlineUniversity Billing and Due Dates
Spring: Global Leadership Minordue by Application Deadlinedue by Commitment DeadlineUniversity Billing and Due Dates
Summer: Classicdue by Application Deadlinedue by Commitment DeadlineUniversity Billing and Due Dates
Summer: Internshipdue by Application Deadlinedue by Commitment DeadlineUniversity Billing and Due Dates
Summer: E101due by Application Deadlinedue by Commitment DeadlineUniversity Billing and Due Dates
* For non-UNC System students, please visit here.


Students can pay for their study abroad program using a variety of sources, including financial aid, scholarships, and personal funds. Early planning is key to ensuring that students benefit from all available resources. Please click the links below for more information on financial aid eligibility, outside funding resources and NC State study abroad scholarships.

NC State Scholarships Application Dates and Deadlines*

Scholarship CycleScholarship Application
Scholarship Application DeadlineScholarship Decision Notifications
Fall ProgramsDecember 1February 15March 15
Spring ProgramsJuly 24September 15November 15
Summer ProgramsOctober 1November 15February 1
* For NC State students only.

More Resources


As part of NC State University, the European Center in Prague is open to all NC State students who are sophomores or above.* To ensure your success abroad as well as the success of others, students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply:

  1. GPA Requirements: Semester Programs (Fall/Spring) – minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA Summer Programs – minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  2. Be in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct
  3. Meet the minimum eligibility policy set forth by the NC State Study Abroad Office

*Except for programs specifically designed for first-year students, such as Prague Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! While Czech is the national language, Prague is a very cosmopolitan city and English is spoken almost everywhere in the Czech Republic, making it fairly easy to get around. However, students enrolled in the Classic Fall and Spring programs will take a one-week immersive language course covering basic Czech, including popular phrases and keywords. For more in-depth coverage, we recommend using language apps such as Duolingo or Babble or a pocket-size phrasebook to keep on hand.

NC State Prague offers various classes to meet students’ academic needs. Students will take a full course load from our course portfolio during the selected program. Many courses fulfill NC State’s GEP requirements and are NC State credits. We encourage students to meet with their academic advisors before application submission to ensure all courses taken in Prague will fulfill degree requirements.

While there are no meal plans or dining halls on-site, you can use the kitchen in the residences and the NC State Center kitchen to prepare your own meals. Alternatively, you can visit partner university dining halls or take advantage of cheaper lunch options in the city center.

The Center cannot be more centrally located – you can see the famous Astronomical Clock at the Old Town Square from the classroom windows! Nevertheless, the Center offers a quiet, peaceful study environment and a beautiful inner courtyard away from crowds.

The student residences are conveniently located within a 20-minute commute by public transportation. A transport pass will be provided for the entire program duration. Additionally, Prague is a walkable city, and it would take approximately 30 minutes to walk to the Center.

The cost of your trip to Prague will vary depending on your plans. Still, overall, it is considered a budget-friendly destination. Based on previous experiences, a budget of around $1500 should be enough if you plan on participating in the Global Leadership Minor program. In that case, it is recommended to budget $2000 as the program includes visits to more expensive countries.

Plan to pay for your meals, groceries, leisure activities, and laundry. The program fee covers accommodation, public transport passes, welcome and end-of-program meals, and overnight trips. In general, you don’t need to buy any textbooks or class materials. You can purchase art supplies in Prague.

GeoBlue insurance covers all students for both injury and illness. Our staff is available to help you schedule doctor’s appointments and provide assistance in case of emergencies. If you require specific medication, please ensure you bring an adequate supply. Please note that US prescriptions cannot be filled in Prague. Still, a Czech doctor can provide you with an equivalent medication prescription, which you can fill at the local pharmacy.

You can easily buy what you need in Prague, but bring a plug adapter—pack layers for mild, fluctuating weather. Winters can be cold, with little sun. Summers are sunny with an average high of 75°F, but nights can still be cool. Oct-Mar can bring foggy, cold days due to temperature inversions. We will provide packing tips as we get closer to the program’s start.

All accepted students will receive a housing form where they can specify their preferences for roommates, room type, and single or double occupancy. The program includes a standard double room, but students can pay an extra fee for a single room.

Watch the recorded information session, and hear the experience of Prague Alumni.