Dec 6, 2022

Meet Brooke Goodgame

A third-year education major, Brooke Goodgame spent her fall semester studying abroad in Prague. She waited until her third year to go abroad because she is from Texas and wanted time to explore NC State and Raleigh. As an enjoyer of cooler weather and fall colors, she chose to go […]

Nov 3, 2022

Meet Dillon Patel

I love day-to-day living in Prague. I wake up and go on a morning run through the city. I get back to shower and eat, then ride the tram to class. By doing this, I get to see the daily living of the Czech residents of Prague […]

Oct 3, 2022

Meet Austin Robinson, Our Journalism Scholarship Recipient

For the second consecutive year, the NC State European Center awarded a Journalism Scholarship to a Prague Connect student. This year’s recipient is Austin Robinson (Clayton, NC) in the “Blogger” category. Austin is an Anthropology major […]

Aug 16, 2022

Meet Monica Meza: Not Just an Internship, Beyond My Study Abroad Experience!

Dobrý den from the Czech Republic! This summer, I had the fantastic opportunity to complete an Independent Study for my Higher Education Administration Master’s program. As a first-generation Latina student, I had never had the opportunity to travel abroad or even considered having this opportunity due to an earlier lack of immigration status, […]

Jul 12, 2022

NC State Prague Supports Ukrainian Refugees

According to the UN and UNICEF figures, the number of Ukrainians who fled their country has reached more than 6 million people since the start of the conflict. They traveled to European border countries such as Poland, Slovakia, and the rest of the continent, including the Czech Republic. When the conflict broke out at the end of February, the influx of Ukrainian refugees, mainly women and children, started coming to Prague. The NC State European Center in Prague was holding its Classic Spring program[…]

Jun 6, 2022

Meet Colton Williams

Colton Williams, an Industrial Design major, spent his last semester in Prague before graduating. Spending your last semester abroad is not common, but Colton had postponed his original plans to study abroad because of the pandemic. At NC State Prague, Colton took two courses in his field of study, Industrial Design in a […]

Jun 6, 2022

Meet Delaney Kearns (she/her/hers)

I am a huge traveler and after over a year of being stuck in quarantine, my adventurous self wanted to get out and explore again. I jumped at the opportunity to be able to study abroad during my first semester of college. In all honesty, there were parts of me that were a little hesitant because […]

Jun 6, 2022

Meet Regan Glass

I was accepted into the Prague Connect Program while figuring out where I wanted to attend college. I was both ecstatic and horrified at the same time, and when the opportunity came I was hesitant to go out of fear. I still decided to accept the offer, and […]

May 2, 2022

Meet Katie Gray

Katie Gray is a communications major at NC State College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In her sophomore year, Katie spent Spring 2022 semester in Prague and took five classes, a total of 16 credits. Always cheerful and with a unique organizational superpower, Katie was a precious asset to NC State Prague's communication team […]

Jan 20, 2022

Science Education Student Elizabeth Vanegas ’22 Gains Global Perspective Through Study Abroad Experience in Prague

After repeated attempts, Elizabeth Vanegas, a senior science education major and Goodnight Scholar, was finally able to travel to Prague and fulfill her dream of studying abroad.