May 2, 2022

Meet Katie Gray

Katie Gray is a communications major at NC State College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In her sophomore year, Katie spent Spring 2022 semester in Prague and took five classes, a total of 16 credits. Always cheerful and with a unique organizational superpower, Katie was a precious asset to NC State Prague's communication team […]

Jan 20, 2022

Science Education Student Elizabeth Vanegas ’22 Gains Global Perspective Through Study Abroad Experience in Prague

After repeated attempts, Elizabeth Vanegas, a senior science education major and Goodnight Scholar, was finally able to travel to Prague and fulfill her dream of studying abroad.

Jan 13, 2022

NC State Global Promotes Collaborative Online Learning (COIL)

As part of NC State Global’s Global Learning for All initiative, COIL promotes virtual, interactive educational opportunities by connecting faculty and students through shared experiences across international borders. While COVID-19 was a catalyst for online learning, NC State Global is […]

Jan 11, 2022

“Traveling While First in The Pack” Empowers First-Generation To Study Abroad

As part of International Education Month, the Study Abroad Office held a panel discussion on traveling abroad as a first-generation college student.  The panel was led by Zakiya Covington who serves as the academic success coordinator for TRIO student support services. The panel consisted of three former study abroad students who shared their excitement, expectations,…

Jan 11, 2022

Connecting the Local to the Global – Art Nouveau Visionary Alphonse Mucha

Chocolate and champagne, travel to sundrenched Monaco, rousing theatrical performances by the internationally acclaimed actress Sarah Bernhardt, these are but a few of the products, places, and performers depicted in posters by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. Best known for blanketing the walls of Paris with his posters at the end of the nineteenth century, Mucha’s…

Nov 19, 2021

NC State Meeting N.C.’s Growing STEM Needs

NC State will add 2,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students in engineering and computer science over the next five years.

Nov 19, 2021

Don’t Want Foodborne Illness? Don’t Wash That Poultry

Washing raw turkey or other poultry before roasting can lead to cross-contamination and foodborne illness.

Nov 15, 2021  |  Newswire

Meet the Staff: Eva, Student Affairs Coordinator

Meet Eva, our Student Affairs and Program Coordinator! Born and raised in Ostrava, Czech Republic’s third-largest city, Eva moved to Prague to study at Charles University French Philology and Media Studies. Keep on reading […]

Sep 20, 2021

The World Comes Home to NC State

After a tumultuous 2020-2021 school year, NC State Global is looking forward to sending students to study abroad, welcoming international students to campus, meeting face-to-face (with masks) for global events, and learning together again. “Global engagement has been seriously impaired […]

Jun 28, 2021  |  Newswire

Meet Jack Wilcox

Jack Wilcox is a student of Industrial Design at NC State College of Design in his junior year. Jack was one of the 16 students to brave the pandemic and travel to Prague for a study abroad semester. In this interview, Jack relates how he experienced living and studying […]