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COM 292: Language, Communication, and Culture

Instructors: Lynsey Romo
Credits: 3
GEP: Social Sciences, U.S. Diversity

Course Description

We use different modes of communication depending on whether we are participating in classroom discussion, talking with our parents or boss, hanging out with our friends, or visiting a different country. However, rarely do we have the opportunity to consciously reflect upon our communicative behaviors.  In this class, we will unpack some of the ways culture and society influence our communication, as well as how our communication affects the culture and the society in which we live. Becoming aware of the effect our words, shared meanings, and contexts have on how we express ourselves can be the difference between positive and negative communicative experiences. In this course, we will approach the field of communication as both a scholarly investigation into how communication works and a practical process of developing observational skills and appreciating the differences and similarities around us, particularly during this study abroad experience.