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Non-UNC System Applicants

Our programs are open to students from all US universities and from all majors.

About NC State European Center

Established in 2005, the NC State European Center in Prague has over 15 years of experience running study abroad programs. It is the only permanent overseas facility of NC State University. We offer exceptional and cost-effective programs year-round in line with NC State University’s teaching standards and health and safety protocols. And now we are able to extend these exciting opportunities to students outside of the UNC System’s 16 universities.

A Unique Experience

The adventure starts in the heart of the historical center of Prague. Students will take classes at our top-notch facilities off the main Old Town Square. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses across 13 disciplines. All courses are accredited NC State classes and students will receive NC State transcripts. The culturally rich city of Prague is integrated into the academic content through class excursions and field trips. The program also includes ‘survival’ Czech language & culture classes and excursions within the Czech Republic and in neighboring countries. Moreover, various cultural activities are planned throughout one’s program to enhance the experience and foster immersion into the local culture.

Programs available to Non-UNC System Students:

Classic Spring

For program details, such as courses, program dates and link to apply.

Classic Fall

For program details, such as courses, program dates and link to apply.


To ensure their success abroad as well as the success of others, students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • At least the Sophomore class standing by the start of the program 
  • Approval of your home institution

Program Cost

  • Non-Degree Studies application fee: $40* (non-refundable, due at the time of application)
  • Setup Fee: $75 (non-refundable, due at the time of application)
  • Study Abroad Fee: $375 (due at time of commitment)
  • Program Cost:  $14,350
  • TOTAL:  $14,840**

*All non-NC State students must complete a Non-Degree Studies application (which includes a $40 application fee) to enroll in NC State classes and to receive course credit.

**NC State Prague follows the NC State Study Abroad Office refund policies.

Tuition12-15 credits
HousingMain accommodation occupied only by NC State Prague students
Double and Single Rooms (suite/dorm-style)
Wi-Fi, Cleaning Services, Laundry Facilities (pay per use)
Health InsuranceAll students are automatically signed up for GeoBlue International Health Insurance to cover them for the duration of the program (and multiple locations)
Visa Application SupportNC State Prague staff will assist students throughout the Czech visa application process, beginning with a live information session and finishing with mailing application materials to the Czech Embassy/Consulate.
Transportation PassA transportation pass is provided for the entire duration of the program, giving students unlimited access to trams, metro, and buses within Prague.
TranscriptOne transcript, to be issued upon the completion of the program
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC)Eligibility to purchase an ISIC card, which provides a wide range of student discounts (e.g., on trains and buses)
‘Survival’ Czech CourseA short course introducing students to the basics of the Czech language and culture, including common conversational phrases, basic vocabulary, and some elements of Czech grammar
Pre-Departure Orientation and InformationAll the essential information to help prepare oneself for studying abroad in Prague, delivered by way of pre-departure presentations and NC State staff meetings
One Out-of-Country Excursion3-day excursion outside of the Czech Republic, located in another major Central European city (ex: Berlin, Krakow, etc.)
One In-Country Excursion3-day excursion to Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage town located in southern Bohemia
Optional Cultural ActivitiesField trips to local cultural events, including museums, galleries, and theater performances (options vary depending on the program) and optional non-credit courses, including a Czech Cooking Class
On-site ResourcesAccess to WI-FI, on-site library, computer lab, printing facilities, student lounge, professional-grade kitchen, and Charles University facilities
On-Site OrientationTwo days of orientation introduce students to vital information helpful throughout the semester, including topics such as Czech history, public transport, health & safety, and student life. A walking tour of the city of Prague will give an overview of outstanding cultural sites.
On-Site Emergency Assistance 24/7NC State Prague staff are available via a 24/7 emergency phone number to help students in case of need.
  • International airfare (Students are responsible for booking their flights as NC State Prague does not arrange group flights)
  • Meals
  • Supplies and personal expenses
  • Textbooks and studio materials
  • Passport fee
  • Visa Fees
  • Additional Transcript(s) (Request here)

Application Process

Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisors before applying to ensure courses in Prague fulfill degree requirements at their respective institutions.

Full applications will be submitted online using the PackAbroad application system, which will guide students along the submission steps. All materials can be submitted online.

A valid passport is necessary to travel abroad as well as to obtain a Czech visa. Students who do not yet possess a valid passport should begin to apply for one as soon as possible.


Students from all academic disciplines are eligible for and encouraged to apply to NC State Prague programs. Please consult the program webpage to view a list of offered courses. Many courses will fulfill general education requirements. NC State Prague administrators will communicate with students regarding the course selection and registration process at various stages during the application and post-application phases.


NC State European Center in Prague hires highly qualified local instructors to teach our courses. They are all Czechs, Europeans, or other expats who are experts in their fields of study. All instructors have been vetted and approved by NC State University academic departments. With small class sizes and a plethora of opportunities outside the classroom, many instructors combine classroom time with field trips and excursions to museums, galleries, local businesses, or other relevant visits to enhance the material taught in the classroom.


The NC State European Center in Prague provides housing for all program participants.
All non-UNC System students will reside in the same building as their program peers from NC State. In addition, we have several Czech housing assistants who also live in the residence and are there to provide additional support and assistance throughout students’ stay. Accepted students may, where applicable, indicate rooming preferences (for a roommate, room type, and building location). The program fee includes a standard double room. Students have the option to request single rooms, when available, for an additional cost.

  • Housing
  • Student life
  • Health and Safety