Classic Spring 2021

The Spring Classic Program is a semester long in which students take at least 12 NC State credits. An immersive survival language course, cultural excursions, an in-country and out-of-country excursions are included.

Early Decision Deadline: August 21, 2020

Students who submit their application by the early decision deadline will be notified of the decision on or before September 4, 2020. Early decision applicants will either be accepted or the decision will be deferred until the regular application deadline of September 15.

Application Deadline: September 15, 2020

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Program Dates: January 13 – April 30, 2021

January 13Arrival Day
January 14-15Mandatory On-site Orientation
January 18-21Mandatory Survival Czech Language, taught by Charles University
January 22-24Excursion within the Czech Republic
January 25First Day of Classes
March 15-19Spring Break (No Classes)
April 27Last Day of Classes
April 28-29Final Exams
April 30Check-out/Departure Day

Spring Program Highlights

Live Like a Local

Spring students arrive during the low-tourist season, giving them a chance to experience Prague from a different perspective. A winter excursion to a location outside of Prague is included, along with an out-of-country excursion.

Fulfill Degree Requirements

Take a full course load of NC State credits. Spring classes include topics in design, math and science, and a variety of GEPs. All courses are taught by local instructors who enhance the content with field trips and activities outside of the classroom.


Students enroll in at least 12 credit hours from the course options below. Each course will be offered contingent upon meeting minimum enrollment.

Course Schedule and Available Seats

Course PrefixCourse NameInstructorCreditsGEP
ADN 492Special Topics in Design – Illustration Andrea Tachezy3 Elective
ADN 492Special Topics in Design – SculptingKlára Horáčková3 Elective
ARC 590Special Topics in Architecture – DrawingIrena Bujárková3Elective
ARC 590Sustainable Architecture and UrbanismHenry Hanson3Elective
CE 214Engineering Mechanics-StaticsPetr Kabele3 Elective
ENG 223Contemporary World Literature I – Protest, Dissent, and ChangeBlanka Maderová3 HUM, GK
FL 395Czech Culture & LanguageLenka Davisonová3 Elective
FTM 491Special Topics in Textile and Apparel Management – Fashion PhotographyŠtěpánka Stein3 Elective
FTM 491Special Topics in Textile and Apparel Management – IllustrationAndrea Tachezy3 Elective
GD 492Special Topics in Graphic Design – European Design HistoryAdam Stěch3Elective
HI 209From Renaissance to Revolution: The Origins of Modern EuropeJakub Rákosník3 Global Knowledge, Humanities
ID 492Special Topics in Industrial Design – Design in Business ContextMatěj Chabera3Elective
ID 492ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Product DesignJakub Pollág & Václav Mlynář3Elective
MA 341Applied Differential EquationsPetr Kaplický3 Elective
MB 351General MicrobiologyMarkéta Marečková3Natural Sciences
NR/IDS 303Humans and the EnvironmentOldřich Výlupek3Interdisciplinary Perspective
PHI 221Contemporary Moral IssuesMatěj Král3 Humanities
PS 341European PoliticsJiří Koubek3Social Science & Global Knowledge
PY 123Stellar and Galactic AstronomyBruno Jungwiert4 Natural Sciences
PY 125Astronomy Laboratory Bruno JungwiertNatural Sciences
SOC 202Principles of SociologyEwa Grigar3 Social Science & U.S. Diversity
SOC 350Food and SocietyEwa Grigar & Blanka Maderová3Social Sciences

Studio Courses

Course PrefixStudio Course NameInstructorCreditsGEP 
ARC 490/503Architecture International Studio/Advanced Architectural DesignAdam Gebrian, Igor Kovačević
GD 490Graphic Design International StudioMatěj Chabera6 Elective