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Blanka Maderová

World Literature

Dr. Maderová studied literature and philosophy at Charles University in Prague. Having received a Ph.D. she continued her research in music and poetry as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University in Boston (2013-2014, Fulbright-Masaryk Fellowship).
She teaches literature and semiotics for the Department of East and Central European Studies at the Philosophical Faculty (Charles University), and taught at Czech cultural studies for the University of Washington. Dr. Maderová has traveled extensively, lecturing as well as overseeing projects, and research in the US (Harvard, Suffolk, UNO), Mexico, Spain (Universidad Autonoma), Czech Republic, and many more.

Together with Zuzana Jurková, she published a book called To Touch the World (Dotknout se Světa): Czech Musical Alternative 1968-2013. Several of her articles and essays were also published in international academic journals. In her spare time, she is involved with grant writing and project management (EU projects fighting discrimination and supporting eco-activities – Erasmus Plus, Youth in Action). From 12/2016 till 12/2018 Dr. Maderova led an educative project on Czech culture and democracy for foreigners and persons granted international protection for the Czech Ministry of Education.

Her recent research and teaching activities focus on the themes of identity construction, protest, and counter-culture both under and after Communism in the Czech Republic. She makes use of literary theories of performativity, and social and political philosophy.