Student Housing Assistant

Job Overview

The Student Housing Assistant is responsible for assisting with students’ intercultural learning in Prague, connecting students to Czech student life, and help with emergency response to assure the health and safety of the students. This staff member should possess emotional awareness and maturity to work with a diverse student population and multi-cultural team of colleagues. The Student Housing Assistant will live in the student housing facilities for the duration of their employment.

Job Description

The Student Housing Assistant will have a number of duties in Residence Hall, located in Žižkov near the Seiferova tram stop, and at the NC State Prague Center, including:

  • Helping the students during orientation + organizing activities throughout the semester to help students get acquainted with Prague and meet Czech students
  • Help with arrivals, student check-in, and late check-ins if students arrive after hours due to travel delays
  • Helping them deal with personal problems during the semester, – responding to emergency situations (medical, etc)
  • Being a liaison between the staff and the students, – working with staff and enforcing student conduct policies
  • Organize activities and events throughout the semester for the students and accompany students on NC State activities and trips
  • Serve as a role model and resource to students while representing NC State University
  • Be responsible for manning an emergency phone that will rotate among the SHA’s and program staff,
  • Work at the NC State center doing administrative work. Working hours will range between 10-15 hours per week but will vary between work in the office or attendance on activities with students. The coordinator will also be expected to be on call at least one weekend a month on the emergency phone and one week a month

Required Skills

  • Office experience
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and communication skills
  • Fluency in Czech
  • Good level of English
  • Student-centered philosophy and sensitivity to issues of diversity
  • Experience with and enthusiasm to work with American university students
  • Willingness to wear different hats and work odd hours

Work Conditions (Travel, On-call, etc.)

  • Ability to travel to other regions of Czechia and internationally on occasion
  • Flexibility in terms of working hours. Weekend and evening work is sometimes required. Housing Assistants may be asked to respond to emergencies at night
  • Must be able to lawfully accept employment in Czechia at the time that an offer of employment is extended


  • Free housing in a single room in NC State Residence with private bathroom
  • Monthly compensation

Application Instructions

Send CV and Cover Letter in English to