Prague Connect

Prague Connect is a unique program for first-year students who are admitted to NC State as part of Spring Connect. Prague Connect gives students the opportunity to earn NC State credits in Prague during the fall semester, preparing them for academic and social life prior to officially starting their degree program on campus in the spring.


Application Deadline: May 15, 2019

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The application may close early if the program fills. Apply early to ensure space is available.

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Scholarship Deadline: May 1, 2019

NC State Prague will offer a limited number of scholarships to students with high financial need. Learn more →


Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation: August 1-2, 2019

Fall 2019 Prague Connect participants are required to attend a two-day long orientation on NC State’s campus in Raleigh, NC. On-campus housing will be provided. An agenda and travel details will be shared with accepted students.

Program Dates in Prague: September 8 – Dec 6, 2019

August 1-2Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation (Raleigh)
September 8Arrival Day
September 9-13Orientation & USC 100
September 16Classes Start
September 20-22Excursion within the Czech Republic
December 3Last Day of Classes
December 4-5Final Exams & Check-Out Days
December 6Departure Day


The Prague Connect study abroad program is highly structured and includes courses taught by both NC State and European instructors. In addition to the instructors, NC State Prague has an on-site team that is eager to welcome and available to support students throughout the program. Additionally, experienced NC State students will be on-site, participating in a concurrent study abroad program during the Fall 2019 semester.

The program in Prague begins with a week-long orientation and USC 100 course, specifically for Prague Connect participants. During this orientation and course, students participate in activities and discussions to develop community, clarify expectations, and introduce the approach to courses at NC State Prague. The on-site orientation also serves as an introduction to the city of Prague and the Czech culture.

Students will enroll in NC State credits during their 12 weeks in Prague, using the city and NC State Prague as their classroom. The program utilizes the historical city by visiting numerous museums, national monuments, cultural landmarks, and other significant venues to engage students in their course work-providing first-hand experiences that inform critical and creative thinking.

Why Prague Connect?

Develop a Cohort of Friends

Prague Connect students build strong relationships with their peers through studying, living, and exploring together, ultimately coming to campus with life-long friendships they developed in Prague.

Build Cross-Cultural Skills

Students who study abroad develop strong cross-cultural competencies that will help them navigate a large campus like NC State, and also equip them with knowledge and skills necessary for a global workforce.

Program Details


While in Prague, students will enroll in a set group of classes (substitutions or exceptions are not allowed for this particular program). All classes are NC State credits and most fulfill General Education Program requirements (GEP’s) or electives, depending on academic major. Students will be enrolled as Non-Degree Studies (NDS) during the semester in Prague. Courses matriculate to students’ degree audits when they are officially enrolled as degree-seeking students for the spring semester. All courses are graded with a letter grade and count towards students’ NC State GPA.

Students take classes as a cohort with their Prague Connect peers. With the exception of USC 100, all class sizes will be kept to 15 or less. Students will be enrolled in a total of 14 credit hours.

Course PrefixTitleCreditsGEP
USC 100Transition into a Diverse Community1Elective
FL 395Czech Culture & Language3Elective
PY 123/125Stellar and Galactic Astronomy with Lab4Natural Sciences
SOC 202Principles of Sociology3Social Science, U.S. Diversity
PS 341European Politics3Social Science, Global Knowledge


Participants are placed in student housing with their Prague Connect peers. All accommodations use by NC State Prague are located in residential areas of Prague that are easily accessible by public transportation. Students are provided with a public transit pass upon arrival and take a 25-30 minute tram or metro ride into the city center to get to classes at NC State Prague. Accommodations are included in the cost and participants receive additional details about housing prior to departure.


  • Students must be admitted to NC State for the spring semester through Spring Connect
    (Students will be automatically enrolled through Non-Degree Studies (NDS) during the Fall 2019 semester in Prague.)
  • To be eligible to apply & participate, students must confirm enrollment to NC State


For details on what the program cost includes, visit the Cost & Funding page.

$450 Admin Fee – due at time of application
$10,500 Program Cost – due July 1, 2019
TOTAL: $10,950


Due to the NDS status, participants are not eligible for State or Federal financial aid or NC State Study Abroad scholarships. However, Prague Connect applicants are eligible to apply for the following scholarships:

  • Shelton NDS Scholarship (Shelton NDS Application Deadline: July 15)
  • NC State Prague Scholarship – NC State Prague will offer a limited number of scholarships to students with high financial need. In order to apply, students must: (1) complete the free FAFSA form, (2) indicate in their Prague Connect program application that they would like to be considered, and (3) complete all other aspects of their application, except the $450 admin fee payment, by the May 1 deadline. Scholarship decision notifications will be distributed no later than May 8.