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Matěj Král


Dr. Kral received a Master’s degree in philosophy from Charles University in Prague in 2004 and continued to attend between 2004 to 2012. After successfully defending his doctoral dissertation ‘Nietzsche and Kafka’ he earned a Ph.D. He has been teaching philosophy at the NC State European Center in Prague (formerly NC State Prague Institute) since 2009, focusing on 19th-century European philosophy (2009-2013), existentialism (2013-2016), and a course in practical ethics called Contemporary Moral Issues (2015 to the present). Besides that, he co-teaches a course in the didactics of philosophy at Charles University. This builds on his ongoing experience at high school level. Dr. Kral’s academic interest is mainly focused on the philosophical and ethical implications of Kafka’s fiction. However, his research includes other authors and topics as well, primarily Friedrich Nietzsche (with the emphasis on ethical and aesthetic issues).