ADN 492 / FTM 491: Special Topics in Design – Illustration

Instructor: Andrea Tachezy
Credits: 3
GEP: Elective

Course Description

This course is focused on the visual and artistic work with sketches, drawings and collages. The goal is to find own way how to express ideas.

Students will mostly work with collage, together with drawing and painting and have the possibility to choose different creative ways and tools to improve their imagination and skills.

They will make a research, to find an object of their interest. Each student will keep a visual diary. Through word lists and thumbnail, sketches, mood boards and photographs, students will expand their ideas to improve their work.

Learning Outcomes

The students shall:

  • find own, individual creative way of drawing and stylization
  • work with line, shape, color, and composition in the harmonic or expressive way, depended on the concept
  • find the optimal approach how to express own ideas