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Klára Horáčková

Fine Arts

Klára Horáčková is a visual artist and designer based in Prague, Czech Republic.
She earned her MgA. Degree at Prague’s Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design in 2006 having studied at the Glass Studio under professor Vladimír Kopecký, and Sculpture Studio with professor Jiří Beránek. She also studied at the Westerhof School of Art and Design, Häme Polytechnic in Finland.
Within her art practice she often expresses ideas using the diverse forms and techniques of glass but doesn’t limit herself to this medium. Her works vary from smaller sculptural objects to dimensional conceptual mobile installations and projects with new media.
Klára Horáčková´s pieces were shown in numerous exhibitions in the Czech Republic and Europe.
Besides her art studio practice, she worked as the Head of the Glass Workshop at Glass studio at AAAD in Prague between 2008 – 2013, teaching kiln-glass techniques, such as glass casting, fusing, slumping, pate de verre, and experimental techniques. She has also worked as an Assistant Professor at Glass Studio at AAAD in Prague since 2011.
Klára Horáčková became the Head of Transformation in Glass Studio at Prague Institute, NCSU in Spring 2015.