Global Leadership Minor

This program is an interdisciplinary and innovative program designed to give students from any academic background a competitive edge in the global workforce. Students earn 12 of 15 credit hours abroad during a 9-week spring semester program that spans three countries across Europe.


Program Dates: January 16 – March 20, 2022

We are now accepting preliminary applications!


Program Overview

The Global Leadership & Team Decision Making Minor is a collaboration between the Shelton Leadership Center and NC State European Center in Prague. The Global Leadership and Team Decision-Making minor is a 15-hour minor that is designed for students who seek to gain greater knowledge and understanding of leadership and team decision-making from a European global perspective. The coursework is composed of courses grounded in theory, inquiry, and application. The student will participate in a cohort of up to 15 for a semester abroad in the Czech Republic, England, and Germany. The student will be required to take SLC 250: Critical and Creative Decision-Making prior to the study abroad experience to complete the 15-hr requirement (unless an exception is granted). Students from any academic discipline are eligible to apply.

Minor Objectives

A primary goal of the minor is to educate the student to be knowledgeable as a cross-disciplinary global-minded leader within whatever professional field he/she seeks beyond graduation. The student should develop an ability to see his or her own leadership competencies within the context of their academic field, and then in relation to working across disciplines and cultures.

The minor is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of how to work more collaboratively, creatively, and effectively with people from disciplines outside of their origination, and more importantly from other cultures. All students interested in studying abroad in Europe with the intention to study and enhance leadership and effective teamwork from a global perspective are encouraged to apply to the minor.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this minor, students will be able to:

  • Identify leadership theories across cultures and disciplines
  • Assess how values and ethics influence leadership outcomes from a global perspective
  • Compare and contrast leadership practices and strategies across disciplines
  • Relate leadership theories and practices to real-life situations
  • Articulate the most appropriate team decision making strategies to implement in different situations
  • Explain the differences between leadership strategies and theories across cultures and disciplines


Each three-credit course will be taught in a period of approximately two to three weeks, in a different European location, with the exception of SLC 250. 12 out of the 15 credit hours towards the minor will be taken abroad. Some courses are co-taught by an NC State faculty member and a faculty member from one of NC State’s partner universities.

Course PrefixCourse NameInstructorLocationCredits
FTM 484Strategic Management and Decision Making in TextilesHelmut Hergeth, Vaclav SvecPrague, Czech Republic3
PRT 359Leadership and Supervision in RecreationJason BocarroLondon, England3
MIE 430Teamwork in OrganizationsHazel Grunewald, Dan McGurrinReutlingen, Germany3
SLC 475Capstone for Global Leadership & Team Decision MakingDebbie AckerPrague, Czech Republic3

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Must meet the NC State Study Abroad Office eligibility requirements for Conduct
  • At least Sophomore standing at time of program (unless permission from a program administrator is granted)
  • Must have taken SLC 250 with a passing grade prior to the program start date (for special circumstances, discuss with a program administrator)

Program Cost

Students are eligible to utilize financial aid and are also encouraged to apply for a study abroad scholarship.

Admin Fee (due at time of application): $450
Spring 2021 Program Cost: $11,500

Total: $11,950

  • Instruction for 12 credit hours of designated coursework towards the minor
  • Accommodations during the office program dates in Europe
  • Travel between program locations within Europe
  • City transportation passes in each of the program locations
  • Cultural activities, field trips, site visits
  • Some meals
  • Orientation materials and fees
  • International health insurance

  • Roundtrip airfare between the U.S. and Europe
  • Most meals
  • Textbooks and supplies
  • Personal expenses


Dr. Debbie Reno Acker
Shelton Leadership Center
Associate Director