ARC 590: Special Topics in Architecture – Drawing

Instructor: Irena Bujárková
Credits: 3
GEP: Elective

Course Description

This drawing course focuses on practical exercises, giving you instructions on how to visualize and draw.

You’ll become familiar with a variety of techniques and mediums such as pencil, charcoal, ink, line wash, etching, and scratching. There will be a focus on a wide range of subjects such as still life, portrait, bouquet, figure, landscape, and drawing subjects from memory. The course will provide you with a comprehensive number of options for using drawing as an independent artistic expression.

At the beginning of each lesson there will be a brief introduction to a technique and a demonstration. Here you will learn the basic rules of composition, perspective, contrast, line, and proportion.

Beginning with simple projects you’ll gradually transition to more complex drawings, and you’ll receive individual instruction and feedback throughout the creative process. The finished product will be your own A4 portfolio full of the work you have created throughout the course.