ARC 590: Special Topics in Architecture – Drawing

Instructor: Irena Bujárková
Credits: 3
GEP: Elective

Course Description

This drawing course promotes aesthetic feelings for students, focuses on developing sensitivity, creativity, and critical judgment. It strengthens the ability to interpret reality and use different techniques to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the surrounding world as well as about
the inner world. Provide instructions on how to watch, what, and how to draw.

Beginning with simple projects you’ll gradually transition to more complex drawings, and you’ll receive individual instruction and feedback throughout the creative process. The finished product will be your own A4 portfolio full of the work you have created throughout the course.

Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is to familiarize and practice four basic sections of the drawing: technique, perspective, proportions, and composition to express the emotional and mental relation to the seen reality.

The choice of motifs and themes helps to shape aesthetic taste, to recognize artistic values and to help with the orientation in contemporary art. Completing the course, students will gain experience in using different artistic techniques whose mastery achieves a free expression.