At NC State Prague, students earn NC State credits while utilizing the culturally rich city of Prague, Czech Republic to inform academic content. Students select a full-time course load from the portfolio of courses offered during the selected program. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisors before submitting an application to ensure courses in Prague will fulfill degree requirements. The transfer credit process is not required, since all courses are offered as NC State credits.


As an entity of NC State University, NC State Prague is open to all NC State students who are sophomores or above.* To ensure your success abroad as well as the success of others, students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply:

  1. GPA Requirements:
    Semester Programs (Fall/Spring) – minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
    Summer Programs – minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  2. Be in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct
  3. Meet the minimum eligibility policy set forth by the NC State Study Abroad Office

*Except for programs specifically designed for first-year students, such as Prague Connection and FYI.


Students from all academic colleges are eligible to apply for study abroad programs at NC State Prague. Check the Course Catalog to see which courses are offered each Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Many courses fulfill General Education Program requirements (GEP’s). Upon acceptance to the program, students receive a link to the Course Selection System, which allows them to reserve space in the classes they need. Students ultimately register for classes through MyPack Portal, for a special study abroad section number. NC State Prague administrators communicate with students regarding the course selection and registration process throughout the pre-departure phase.

Small Class Sizes

The average class size in Prague is 15.

Most students taking classes in Prague are NC State students. However, programs are also open to students from other academic institutions.


NC State Prague hires highly qualified local instructors to teach in Prague. Most instructors teaching courses as part of the Classic Programs live and work in Prague year-round. They are either local Czechs, Europeans, or other expats that are experts in their fields of study. All instructors have been vetted and approved by the NC State home academic department. With small class sizes and a plethora of opportunities outside of the classroom, many instructors combine classroom time with field trips and excursions to museums, galleries, local businesses, or other relevant visits to enhance the material being taught in the classroom.