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Poole College Celebrates Fall 2023 Graduates

By Jess Clarke and Adam Tompkins

On Dec. 15, 400 undergraduate degree and 121 graduate degree recipients will cross the stage at Reynolds Coliseum for the Poole College of Management commencement ceremony.

“We are very proud of what our graduates have achieved,” says Dean Frank Buckless. “I speak for all my colleagues when I say that being part of our students’ NC State experience motivates us to be even more impactful teachers and scholars. I’d like to extend a warm congratulations to the class of 2023. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.”

Meet Our Graduates

Lindsay Carter

As a Poole student, Lindsay Carter has made a big footprint — not in another country on a study-abroad trip but on campus, where the impacts on her peers have made a difference.

She’s been president of both the Poole College of Management Council, which is the governing student organization, and NC State’s chapter of the national Filipino American Student Association. She’s also been a member of the Poole Student Advisory Board.

“I invested deeply into my on-campus experiences. My leadership roles and internships were invaluable, equipping me with a diverse set of skills and a broad network,” Carter says.

Her four internships have been back to back, most recently working in California as a business analytics intern with the E15 Group at the San Francisco 49ers professional football organization.

Other internships include two experiences at Align Technology as an analytics intern and IT audit intern and at Compass Group USA as a financial accounting and reporting intern.

Carter gained valuable experience in business and data analytics through her internships, which she found through NC State’s career services office, networking and her own searching.

After graduating, before she searches the job market for a full-time data analytics position, she’ll take a break. “I plan to dedicate time to my personal interests,” she says, “such as volunteering and spending quality time with family and friends.”

Raincie Comper

Raincie Comper

Raincie Comper soon learned as a Poole student that she wasn’t the only person who wanted her to excel. Who else did? Most people at the business school.

She credits Poole faculty and staff for that. “Everyone wants to see you succeed. They may not be able to do something to help you directly themselves, but they will find someone else who can,” she says. Staff members and professors “have been the best part of being at NC State for me other than my friends.”

One way she has made friends — and networked with business representatives — is through her involvement in clubs and organizations, including roles as an officer with the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) and the Student Business Sustainability Association.

“I enjoyed the other students in my clubs the most,” Comper says. “When everyone wants to do a good job, it is very satisfying. Meeting so many different companies was also a great opportunity.”

It was at a NABA event that she learned about an internship program for undergraduates in underrepresented groups. That led to two summer internships with the accounting firm Dixon Hughes Goodman. Is this now FORVIS?

“The most beneficial thing for me about my internships was learning how to plan a day. I was the only one in charge of getting my work done, and there were no second chances. I have learned to take more personal responsibility for my work and take pride in doing a good job,” Comper says.

She also can take pride in her success as a Poole student.

Her plans after graduation? Maybe to move out of the state. “I am currently seriously considering a role for a full-time position that would take me to Alabama,” she says.

Anthony Jackson

As a Poole student, Anthony Jackson has had great opportunities to apply his classroom business knowledge in the real world and, in turn, his work and internship experiences have strengthened his NC State education.

Just as importantly, his participation with professional and student organizations has provided many ways to build a solid network to start his career.

“The valuable access to a robust alumni network and the networking opportunities have been instrumental,” Jackson says. “I am also grateful for the enriching experiences and supportive faculty. And the emphasis on community engagement and research has enhanced my education.”

In Jackson’s employment at a Chick-fil-A franchise, his duties in one role included working on the marketing team, and his marketing internship with Hawx Smart Pest Control helped him expand his abilities.

“My internship provided a valuable opportunity to delve deeper into the sales aspects of marketing. I gained practical experience in pitching to potential clients and honed my skills in successfully closing deals,” he says.

Jackson has broadened his business perspective by being active in the American Marketing Association, Black Business Students Association and the Society for Human Resource Management.

“Being able to engage in clubs and organizations enabled me to network, acquire new knowledge, and contribute to various projects that I hadn’t imagined I would have the chance to be a part of,” he says.

After graduation, he plans to work full time in a marketing role in Raleigh as he considers graduate school.

The overall takeaway for Jackson from his time at NC State? “With outstanding facilities and diverse programs, Poole College has equipped me for a successful career in business,” he says.

Vicente Jiminez

Vicente Jimenez

For Vicente Jimenez, a global audit manager at BASF, it’s been the hands-on learning that he’s valued most about his student experience in Poole College.

“I really like the fact that the master’s degree includes a project on each class to put the knowledge into practice — exactly what NC State is: “Think and Do.”

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, and a graduate of Monterrey Institute of Technology in Queretaro, Mexico, Vicente has traveled the globe for work — and now for school.

Jimenez’s international experience includes a summer in Munich, Germany, participating in the Innovation and Marketing Systems program. This immersive experience not only enhanced his education and career but also allowed him to delve into a different culture, language, and mindset.

In terms of internships and work experience, Jimenez had a rewarding practicum project with Alliance during his last semester. This project focused on optimizing the company’s use of price discounts and identifying effective strategies. Additionally, he serves as a coach for a team of students from another university, analyzing data for BASF to understand market share in North America.

Looking ahead, Jimenez plans to continue contributing to his company, BASF, in agricultural solutions.

Andre Little

Andre Little

Meet Andre Little, a Chapel Hill native and standout Dual MAC/MBA Graduate Student at Poole College since 2021. With roots in the undergraduate program since 2002, Andre adeptly navigates the online program, embodying unwavering commitment.

“The highlight of my graduate experience was participating in the McLauchlan Leadership series as a fellow, in the Jenkins MBA program. One of the most rewarding, and challenging, experiences at Poole,” he says.

For Little, Poole College’s allure lies in the diversity of its student body, both undergraduate and graduate, and the unwavering support from its exceptional faculty and staff. His active engagement includes participation in the McLauchlan Leadership series, a pivotal experience in his graduate journey.

As he approaches graduation, Little looks forward to a future of continuous learning and growth within his firm, echoing the sentiment that business education is a lifelong journey. His post-graduate plans include pursuing certificates such as the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Credential, Project Management Professional (PMP), and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Lauren McGlamery

For business student Lauren McGlamery, Poole College is a community within a community, a place of warm connections inside NC State’s larger, welcoming environment.

“My hours spent in Nelson Hall have left me with an amazing support system of advisors, peers, and professors that I have had the pleasure to learn from and work with,” she says.

McGlamery has given back the support she’s received through her involvement with Peer Career Coaches and Poole Ambassadors, campus groups that “allowed me to feel more connected to the Poole community and gave me opportunities to help other students,” she says.

Off campus, McGlamery’s time as a commercial marketing intern at Align Technology this past summer and her part-time work there this past semester helped her gain practical experience and strengthen her hard business skills. In the internship, which she learned about at a Poole Career and Internship Fair, she worked on communication plans, marketing videos, social media and email marketing, among other duties.

She calls her internship “the perfect introduction into the professional world. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of marketing concepts like digital marketing and integrated marketing communications through real-world experience, while constantly learning new skills from my amazing coworkers.”

After graduation, McGlamery will stay in Raleigh as she searches for full-time employment. “I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead,” she says. And she’s prepared for those opportunities: “My internship experience has given me the professional confidence as well as the skills I need to succeed as I start my marketing career.”

Poole College graduate Jason O'Donnell

Jason O’Donnell

A study-abroad experience in Paris in March was one of the Poole College highlights for Jason O’Donnell, who will graduate this month with a degree in business administration and a supply chain management concentration.

“I had taken French for three semesters during my time at NCSU, so a trip to Paris was a dream come true for me. I was able to use everything I learned in French class to get myself and my classmates around the city, and we all had a blast,” he says.

His favorite part of his time at Poole was participating in the Peer Leaders program, which he became involved with in 2021. “It taught me so many things over the years. Building relationships with not only other members of the club but also with members of my Packs in M100 made the club such a meaningful experience for my college career,” O’Donnell says.

He also gained valuable real-world experience as a global supply chain intern at BioCryst pharmaceuticals company. That helped prepare him for his full-time position as operations coordinator at Centian LLC in Raleigh, which he’ll begin in January 2024.

Poole College graduate Nicole Perdomo

Nicole Perdomo

Club soccer team member. Resident Advisor. Poole College Student Ambassador. Intern. With involvement in these and other activities, it’s impressive that Nicole Perdomo is finishing her Poole program a semester early. She’ll graduate this month with a degree in business administration and a concentration in information technology.

She’s been involved with the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) throughout her time at NC State and has been president of NC State’s chapter since her sophomore year. “It allows me to give back to the Latinx community and work on my passion of mentorship and helping others on their career journey,” she says.

One valuable part of her Poole experience has been the inspiration and solidarity at multicultural events on campus, including Latinx Heritage Month. And she appreciates Poole’s Diversity and Inclusion Hub, which creates what she calls a “sense of community” where she’s met people with different backgrounds.

Perdomo also points to Poole’s focus on career development, with programs that bring business representatives to campus, offering great networking opportunities for students. Many companies are “eager to recruit diverse talent from NC State,” she says.

Through several internships, including two at Cisco, Perdomo has applied her classroom skills in the real world and prepared for her career. That experience helped her obtain a position with JPMorgan Chase as program manager-product owner analyst, starting in January 2024.

Poole College graduate Rhylee Pope

Rhylee Pope

Rhylee Pope ranks Poole College highly for its professional preparation opportunities for students, including career fairs, career coaches and study-abroad experiences. Combined with that focus on life after graduation, she appreciates Poole’s family-like environment, with caring professors and staff who put students first.

Poole faculty and staff “are all very passionate about what they teach, and many of them have extensive experience in industry, which they bring into their classrooms. While the college is growing steadily, Nelson Hall still houses a sense of community as I frequently run into present and past professors and classmates,” Pope says.

As co-president of Peer Career Coaches, she’s had a role in preparing students for their future, by helping them develop resumes and other career-related activities.

Pope herself pursued several real-life opportunities to be positioned for success after she graduates. They included an internship with the Sampson County Government in her hometown of Clinton, North Carolina. She found that option on ePack, NC State’s career information management system.

She also worked as an audit intern with the accounting firm BDO in Raleigh, helpful preparation for the Jenkins Master of Accounting program at Poole, which she’ll start in January 2024. And Pope’s supply chain practicum course focused on a semester-long supplier project with Caterpillar, in which she gained valuable industry experience.

One of her most memorable Poole experiences was a study-abroad opportunity in Seville, Spain, in summer 2022. Pope enjoyed practicing her Spanish skills, learning about a different culture, visiting historic places and spending time in Portugal.

“I returned with a newfound sense of independence and many great friends within Poole College,” she says.

Amit Prakash

At Poole College, Amit Prakash didn’t just pursue two majors. He became involved with campus clubs and events, held an internship and was a teaching assistant for business courses. He graduates this month with a business administration degree with an information technology concentration and a computer science degree.

With the combination of experiences he’s had on the academic and club sides directly related to his majors, Prakash is ready to succeed in his career.

As an intern at IBM, he worked as a back-end developer. He also was a coach contact at the North Carolina Science Olympiad at NC State, an event for K-12 students.

Those opportunities, with his time as a teaching assistant, “helped me gain a lot of practical career experience between requirements elicitation/analysis, agile application development, database development, and process optimization,” Prakash says. “They also shaped my perspective on different corporate cultures, my workplace values and navigating different workplace relationships.”

Prakash expanded his worldview with involvement in campus groups, including the IT club, Poole’s Queer Business Student Association, and NC State’s chapter of the national Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics organization. “These clubs have provided many opportunities to network with people outside Poole and better insights into networking in a professional setting,” he says.

Those insights will help him as he follows his plan to work as a web developer for a technology company in North Carolina.

Graham Reid

Graham Reid

Graham Reid has earned his Poole diploma due to his own hard work, but he credits members of the faculty and staff with supporting his success all the way. He’ll graduate this month with a degree in business administration and a concentration in information technology.

One of the biggest benefits he got from Poole is “the incredible network of professors with incredible experience. I have had great mentorship over my years as a Poole student, and many of the staff and faculty at Poole College have helped shape my career and motivated me to explore new opportunities,” he says.

Those opportunities included internship experience at SAS, which he found through Poole. Through his two-year co-op internship on the SAS finance technology team, Reid has gained valuable skills to begin his career. He has helped drive important projects, developed effective communications and participated in high-level corporate meetings.

“Working for SAS has been a phenomenal experience, and I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to continue to develop my career under such amazing leadership,” he says.

Reid’s performance at SAS led to an offer he accepted there for the position of business operations specialist for finance executives after he graduates. “Poole College enabled me to accept and maintain my internship, which ultimately led to a job offer,” he says, “so I can say that I am more than grateful for that opportunity which Poole provided me.”

Lily Sunshine

Lily Sunshine’s time at Poole College has featured multiple highlights. She used her status as a Poole student to secure ongoing, part-time employment with a computer and electronics manufacturer.

And she enjoyed what she calls “the best experience I have ever had” during an NC State study-abroad opportunity in Prague, the Czech Republic capital, in fall 2022.

Even with her memorable off-campus activities, Sunshine’s favorite part of Poole is on campus — the faculty. They use their real-world experience to explain concepts to students and offer their professional connections to students for networking. “They are also very approachable and friendly. I have never been worried about going up after class to ask a question,” she says.

Sunshine has built career skills working part-time for SmallHD, which makes high-end production monitors for film cameras. She turned a temporary position into a part-time job by asking to learn how the business operates for her business degree. She’s learned about operations in many departments at the company.

Sunshine is president of the Alexander Hamilton Scholars Program, a dual degree program between Poole and NC State’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Her Prague experience, required for her international studies degree, allowed her to travel widely. And it has shaped her future.

In January 2024, Sunshine will move to Prague to teach English and start the process to get a visa, so she can work in the corporate sector. “So many American international companies have branches in Prague,” she says, “that I know I will be able to use my supply chain degree.”

Naomi Taylor

Naomi Taylor

Naomi Taylor cherishes the sense of community at Poole College, where she finds a supportive environment with various groups for studying or taking a break. Her professional journey has been dynamic, while pursuing her degree, she continued working as an economist for RTI International, a non-profit research organization in Research Triangle Park.

“The flexibility of the program was instrumental in maintaining both the quality of my homework and work,” she says.

The flexibility of the program was essential in upholding the excellence of both her professional assignments and academic responsibilities. The insights acquired from courses like forest economics, international trade, and food policy directly benefited her engagements with notable clients, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Looking ahead, Taylor plans to continue her role as an economist at RTI, incorporating her new skills into managing her own projects and proposals.

Caleb Westbrook

Caleb Westbrook

Caleb Westbrook’s unique path to Poole College involves a period in the Army, where he served on Active Duty until November 2022 before transitioning to the Army Reserves. Joining Poole College in spring 2023, Westbrook navigated the MAC ASAP Program, a prerequisite for those without an accounting background, which he completed last December.

“Also, the professors were willing to do so much more than teach but to also mentor which I didn’t feel my undergrad offered,” he says. The professors bringing professionals in to allow insight to the profession allowed learning to a much greater extent than a textbook could’ve.”

Westbrook held his professors in high regard for these reasons, and he particularly valued the diversity that defines the community at Poole College. This environment brings individuals from various backgrounds together, fostering a rich and inclusive atmosphere.

Looking ahead, Westbrook has secured a position as an International Tax Associate with RSM LLP in Raleigh, commencing in January. Additionally, he plans to travel to commemorate the challenging and demanding year.

This post was originally published in Poole College of Management News.