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Meet Sadie Tynch

Our first-ever long-term intern and talented graphic designer from Brevard, North Carolina.

Sadie holding a newly arrived tshirt with the design of the Center which she had designed.

We were lucky to have her as an intern for two semesters. Sadie completed a two-fold internship in international education and graphic design, assisting local staff with the preprartiona snd ongoing semesters and promoting study abroad programs. Sadly, she has recently returned to her hometown, known for a festival celebrating white squirrels!

Sadie was not a stranger to Prague; she had spent her spring semester at NC State Prague before graduating with an art and design major in 2022. Sadie’s adventurous spirit led her to contact us last summer to inquire if we had a long-term internship program. Although we had never had an intern before, we decided to give it a shot. Sadie started her internship in the fall semester and did an excellent job, which led us to extend her internship by another semester. The experience was so rewarding for both Sadie and the Prague team that we are eager to repeat the experience with any new candidate. Check out Sadie’s spotlight!

What sparked your interest in interning at the NC State European Center in Prague?

I spent a wonderful semester here in Spring 2022, and after graduating that Fall, I knew I wanted to come back. I reached out to the staff at NC State Prague about a potential internship, and we collaborated to figure out how my skills could fulfill their needs.

Assisting the NC State Prague Dorm Mates with orientation preparation.

Describe the responsibilities and duties of your internship.

I had two main roles in the office. One role related to program coordination, helping with orientation, excursions, and various planning tasks for the current and upcoming semesters. The rest of my time was dedicated to collaborating with the marketing and social media manager, Anael Symunkova, to create marketing materials, including promotional graphics, streamlining the social media profiles, and developing a line of merchandise for the center.

What was the most valuable thing you learned?

Being in a beautiful, walkable city with much to explore helped me find a healthy balance between work, social life, and solo time. I’m used to a fully remote job, which can make it difficult to set boundaries between work and free time, but the structure of this internship allowed and encouraged me to prioritize this skill.

Four students in Cesky Krumlov
Helping out with the Fall 2023 cohort in Český Krumlov.

What’s the most exciting project, event, or activity you’ve participated in?

I assisted with assembling an exhibition of two NC State Prague alumni’s work at Designblok 2023, an international design festival hosted in Prague. This was an incredible opportunity to observe and participate in large-scale exhibition construction and to be exposed to the cutting edge of the professional design world. 

At the Designblok festival

How does your life in Prague differ from when you were on a study abroad program?

I experienced a different kind of immersion during my internship compared to my semester as a student. During these two semesters, I got to know the staff on a much more personal level. I was surrounded by the Czech language and culture not just out in the world but also in the workplace, which made marked improvements in my Czech vocabulary and pronunciation. I was also allowed to go on solo trips, a unique experience I recommend to anyone who feels comfortable doing so.

Group of student on an excursion in south Bohemia, Lipno, in 2022.
Spring 2022 cohort, icebreaking weekend in South Bohemia, Lipno.

In what way(s) has this experience impacted you?

Being in a city with so much to explore helped me balance work, social life, and solo time. I’m used to a fully remote job, which makes it hard to set boundaries between work and free time, but the internship structure helped me prioritize this skill.

Finally, do you have any advice for students looking for an internship?

I advise students not to fear the word ‘No.’ I landed this internship by utilizing connections I made in college and took a leap by outright asking if they had room for me, which never would have happened if I had let the fear (or expectation) of rejection get in the way! 

Prague staff modeling the new t-shirt design created by Sadie.

If you are a former Prague student interested in gaining global education experience and developing your global skills through a long-term internship at the NC State European Center in Prague, like Sadie, please get in touch with us