Zuzana Pínová

Zuzka Pínová received a BA degree from History of Arts in 2009 and a MA degree from English and English Literature in 2012 at the Masaryk University in Brno. In 2009 she received a Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge ESOL Level 3).

She has been always interested in working for independent projects where she had a variety of responsibilities such as translations, copywriting, project presentation and coordination. As she always liked computers, she gradually took interest in the online world, especially it the editing and managing of websites. Among the projects she has taken part in, are for example Surya Sun School for Kargyak, outdoor expedition Bergans Bajkal 2010, or Robots for your Photos. She has always loved travelling and has been leaving her home country for a few months every year regularly since she was 17.

Her interest in the online world eventually lead her to taking up a full time job as a Content Manager and copywriter in an online marketing company Ušetřeno.cz in 2012. In the same year she was offered to teach Czech Culinary Arts and Culture at the Prague Institute of NCSU. As it was a position where her love of cooking and love of English language came together, she jumped at the opportunity and taught the course for two semesters.

Although she loved both of her jobs, her passion for travelling and adventure was even greater. After a little more then a year, she therefore decided to take a year off and moved to Canada in September 2013.

In Canada, Zuzka settled in Whistler. Apart from hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and having fun she also took up a job as a nanny and family helper in a family with a 3-year old boy and a 16-month old girl. After traveling for several month through Canadian West Coast, Alaska, Colombia in South America and New York she eventually returned to the Czech Republic in September 2014.

In October 2014 she returned to the online marketing company Ušetřeno.cz where she now works as a PR Specialist taking care of the company’s media appearance. In her free time she still continues to work on various independent projects. Since Spring 2015 she has also been back with the NCSU teaching Culinary Arts.

Zuzka loves good food which in her mind is not defined by fancy appearance or high price but rather above all by being fresh, genuine and of high quality. If it’s also local and seasonal, then even better! Her other passions are travelling, running, hiking…and pretty much all other activities that have something to do with outdoors.


ADN 492: Special Topics in Design – Czech Culinary Arts and Culture