Landscape Architecture

Today, global awareness is fundamental to the practice of Landscape Architecture. Many U.S. firms are now multinational and or practice internationally. In addition, Landscape Architects must be sensitive to, and able to work productively with, increasingly diverse client and user groups. International design study challenges a designer to envision a wider range of design options and gain insight into biases and preconceptions that hamper the creative process.

The Department of Landscape Architecture in the College of Design requires all its Master and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture students to participate in a study abroad experience. This experience is intended to build needed global awareness with regard to the practice of the discipline, expose students to a diversity of cultures/environments and develop their ability to observe, perceive and reflect on landscapes as expressions of both environment and culture. The Prague Institute plays a key role by providing an interdisciplinary design environment that connects students to a place that provides a window on both eastern and western Europe and exposes them to one thousand years of urban design.

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