General Studies

The General Studies Program includes courses from NC State University’s General Education Program (GEP). This makes it possible for any NC State student to attend the NC State Prague Institute and earn credit towards graduation. A variety of courses are offered from the categories: Humanities, Global Knowledge, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, and U.S Diversity.

Some courses are taught by NC State University faculty visiting the Prague Institute for a semester or summer, and others are taught by Czech faculty or professional experts in their fields. Some of the Czech faculty also teach in prestigious Czech universities such as Charles University and The Czech Agricultural University.

Special excursions and appropriate field trips are planned for each course either in Prague or nearby cities and towns. Visits to the Prague Institute by experts are arranged for each of the courses.

Each course is adapted to fit within the context of the location (Czech or Central European) to enrich the study-in-Prague experience.