Study Abroad Programs and Courses

All Prague Institute programs are designed to maximize the integration of Czech culture into the studies offered, while maintaining NC State University’s high standard of education.

The North Carolina State University’s Prague Institute offers between three and eight Study Abroad Programs during the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Program courses are taught by NC State University faculty, Czech faculty from prestigious Czech institutions such as Charles University and the Czech University of Agriculture, and professional experts in their field.

All instruction is in English. A Czech language class (FL 295) is offered for credit or audit to familiarize students with the Czech language, making communication with Czechs possible and enriching the experience.

Each Program has a selection of a core course or courses with additional general education courses, so that any student can take a full complement of courses to earn credit towards graduation. Most of the additional courses fulfill NC State University’s GEP requirements.

Program specific excursions are included. The Spring and Fall semesters include an excursion to another major European city, and the Summer session includes an excursion within the Czech Republic. Individual courses also have their own planned excursions, visits to pertinent sites, galleries, museums, studios or offices. Spring and Fall semester programs are 90 days in length. This ensures that any U.S. citizen can attend the Prague Institute without a Czech visa. The Institute assists those students who would like to travel before or after in Europe with the application process for a Czech visa. The Summer session is 6 weeks in length. Program fees include instruction, tuition and some materials, excursions, in-city travel passes, accommodation, map and Czech phrasebook.

Non-NC State University students are welcome to apply. NC State University transcripts are sent to the student’s home institution upon the completion of the program. The fee is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.