Prague Institute has as a goal to be the European Hub for NC State activities in Europe. We will work on four categories of activities during the next two years.

In education it will be in 2 areas:

  • Offer Study Abroad programs in Prague
  • Facilitating collaboration between Departments at the NC State with European universities and schools.

In research it will be focused on PhD-education and collaboration in two main areas to investigate.

  • Mapping European and American programs for PhD-education based on research as a practice
  • Mapping knowledge production in Art, Design and Architecture/Landscape Architecture
  • Developing pilot program for PhD seminar between American and European elected partners.

In public relations Prague Institute will arrange two seminars a year and occasionally conferences about issues of interest in architecture, landscape architecture, design and art.
The iterative seminars will be related to the term and will be two days events for the benefit of students and establishing network between young researchers, practitioners, critics and artists. The result will be published as Prague Papers.