What to Bring


Pack lightly!

  • Students will have to carry everything themselves when they arrive and during field trips/excursions. If students realize there is something they need that they don’t have, there are plenty of opportunities to buy things.

Planning for all weather

  • Prague is lucky to have four very distinct seasons; winters are snowy, and summers are warm and sunny!
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHAnaCerirs]

Packing for all occasions

  • Most Europeans dress more formally than what one would find on an US campus.
  • Students may dress up a little more when they go out at night.
  • It is recommended students bring at least one semi formal outfit for when you attend cultural events, such as a ballet, opera, or concert.
  • A lot of students’ time in Prague will be spent outside, ensure you have clothes that allow you to be comfortable.
  • As a part of the programs, students will participate in field trips and excursions. It is helpful to have a smaller, easy to carry, backpack or bag for overnight and weekend trips.
  • Comfortable shoes are curtail. Students will not only be walking a lot, but walking a lot on cobblestone, as the sidewalks in Prague are nearly all bumpy cobblestone.
  • Europe uses a different size plug as well as a different voltage than the US. We recommend that students purchase plug converters prior to leaving, as they are cheaper in the US. This European Electricity and the Connected Tourist is very helpful in explaining the differences.


  • While the accommodations are very safe, it is smart to avoid bringing irreplaceable objects.
  • Do not pack anything valuable in your checked baggage.
  • Keep all medications in your carry-on bag, with original prescription.
  • Some people like to keep basic toiletries and a change of clothing in their carry-on bag in case their checked bag does not arrive on time (remember airport security size requirements).
  • Some students chose to purchase a money pouch to keep their cash and passport in while abroad.
  • If planning to utilize hostels while travelling independently,

Winter packing tips

  • Many students find it is easier to buy a winter coat and boots once they arrive in Prague. You will want to have at least some sort of jacket when you arrive.
  • Make sure to have different layers for the changing weather: long sleeved shirt, sweater, light jacket, raincoat, heavy winter coat, gloves, scarf, and knit hat.
  • It’s important to have good footwear for walking on the cobbles stone streets of Prague, especially when it is snowy.