December 2015

3 important updates

1. Changes at the Prague Institute.

Since first of December two staff members have left the Institute. This has coursed changes in the organisation, where nearly all positions are reformulated.

2. Fall Term 2015

Fall term 2015 just ended with a common presentation of the work and concepts of studios and and a presentation of the work from two Courses: Drawing and Stellar and Galactic Astronomy. There was a open dialogue on the experiences, and we will ask a number of students to present their experiences on this web site.

3. Prague Paper Session ONE 

Prague Paper Session One was very successful. At the end of February a digital publication and a booklet will be published. The publications are based on all the presentations, which were recorded, and on the papers delivered from the speakers.

it is the intention to develop a discourse around knowledge development in all sectors of the global society, and how it can be integrated in the curriculum. The intention is even to establish a critical discourse on the concept of contemporary understanding of epistemology.

In Fall 2016 Prague Paper Session ONE will be continued with the same group of participants plus more from practice.

The headline will probably be

Public SPACE and Urban LIFE II
– performance and space