PHI 221 Contemporary Moral Issues

Philosophical analysis and theory is to be applied to a broad range of contemporary moral issues, including euthanasia, suicide, capital punishment, abortion, war, famine relief, and environmental concerns. Diverse approaches to these issues are to be explained and discussed. 

As for the development of students’ skills, emphasis is to be given to interpretation (understanding of viewpoints and texts, both charitable and critical analysis), argumentation (formulating and understanding arguments), and communication skills (both oral and written presentation of ethical arguments with respect for others and their positions). Diverse debate and discussion formats and methods will be actively practiced throughout the course. 

The students are also to be acquainted with the social situation in the present-day Czech Republic (e. g. in connection with issues such as justice or equality) and the state of the public debate on the discussed issues in both Czech and European society. 

Attention is to be paid to the major fields of study of participating students. Relevant connections between these fields and contemporary moral issues are to be sought and explored. 

The course fulfills General Education Program (GEP) requirement in the Humanities.