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April 2015

Information and communication

Right now we are reformulating the information accessible from our web site. We have decided to use the web site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Youtube as sources in our information strategy.

From our website you can get access to information about us, faculty, programs, excursions etc. And you will have links to further information – and when you need more you can find the email addresses of the Prague Institute staff on the website.


From Fall 2015 the structure of the programs has changed. We do offer studios inside the disciplines offered by Colleges of Design, NC State. 
Then we offer courses in different categories
– Natural sciences
– Social sciences
– Human sciences
– Trans-disciplinary courses
– Special topic courses

You can see all courses and studios offered under program menu.
We will continue to develop the courses and studios but we believe that we have found a basic structure for the next three years, where minor changes will appear when the program as such will have finally developed 1. of September this year.


Since the program is under development we are in a process of hiring new faculty. In this process we are proud to experience, that the NC State Prague Institute has a good reputation, and we have been able to recruit very competent and distinguished teachers from the Czech Republic mainly. We are aiming to have some Europeans from other European countries to be able to give the students a true European experience.