Magdalena Hellebrandová

She grown up at the countryside and spend whole childhood between forest, river and rocks. She didn’t visit a kinder garden, so she spent all the day with mum and learned how to cook. And a grandmother was her other big teacher, which she visited during summer at her cottage and learned a lot of traditional hand works and cooking. She learned all the Czech traditional meals and desserts from her.

After high school studied at the University of Life Science at Prague at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources. Her study field was Quality of food.

She spent three months at University at Valencia in Spain where she works at food laboratory with honey.

After five years at this University finished it with master degree.

During studies, she worked at the laboratory at Bee Research Institute.

From October 2010 started to work at Cafe Lounge like a pastry chef. From June 2012, Magdalena is at home with her two daughters. Same time began to teach at NCSU Institute.

She loves cooking and baking and everything about food. She likes to find an origin of each food and look for local products and quality ingredients for her baking.

Magdalena leads the course called Culinary Arts and Culture, where she introduces Czech culture teaches how to prepare traditional meals, how think about each ingredients, seasonal products and how to look for quality and how effectively cook for many people.


ADN 492: Special Topics in Design – Czech Culinary Arts and Culture