The Students House of Mikoláš Aleš, named after famous Czech artist, is next to the city center and adjacent to the picturesque Stromovka and Letná Park  (25 min. walk to the Prague Institute or 15 min. by public transportation).


Stromovka and Letná parks are great places for running or just relaxing and enjoying nature in the middle of the city. Letná park, which sits atop Letná hill, is famous for scenic views of the Prague Old Town skyline. Not far from the dormitory, you will also find the famous Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world and home of the Czech president. Sparta Stadium is also a mere 2 min. walk, even if you are not a soccer fan, you should go and see a football match. And if you just want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city, you can challenge yourself and try to visit all of the nearby cafes and tea rooms (good luck…).

For those who are interested in art and culture, the nearby Holešovice district provides a range of galleries and museums. There you can find DOX, National gallery or Jatka 78 (Slaughterhouse 78) – Center for New art, New Circus and Theatre.


Students are housed in wi-fi equipped double rooms (bathroom and kitchens shared by two or three double rooms). The dormitory provides bed linens and pillows, small washing machines and dryers are available for a small fee.


Kolej Mikoláše Alše
Na Výšinách 2
170 00 Praha 7

+420 220 570 697