Lenka Davison

LenkaPhDr. Lenka Davison has spent her career teaching Czech to foreigners. Upon her graduation from Palacky University in 1985, Lenka began teaching at various Charles University campuses around the country designed specifically for foreigners to learn intensive Czech so they could then enter full-time study programs at Czech Universities. While doing that she had the chance to meet with many different cultures and languages from all around the world. Because of her specialization in Linguistic Studies she was often assigned ‘non-standard’ students and groups that had specific needs outside of the regular classroom curriculum such as the first group of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers. In 1991, she became Director of the Czech Studies program for Charles University’s main campus in Prague and left in 1993 to form her own independent Czech Language school.

As Director and owner of the Czech Language Center, Lenka taught diverse groups and individuals ranging from University study abroad programs for students of New York University, Columbia, North Carolina State University, and Naropa University. She also ran Intensive Individual Programs for E.U. Translators and Interpreters and taught Ambassadors and Diplomats from various countries including the U.S., Ireland and Italy. Additionally, because of her experience she has many requests in the International community to teach in businesses and private organizations such as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.


FL 295: Special Topics in Foreign Languages and/or Literatures – Basic Czech Languages and Culture