Jakub Těšínský

_DSC5114Jakub Těšínský received his degree in Financial Mathematics from the College of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. He also studied Mathematical Structures at the University Paris XI, and finished his studies with work on the Complexity of Dynamic Systems. After finishing his university studies, he lectured at Charles University, and joined the group of young mathematicians in RSJ, a trading company, to build the largest, successful, automatic realtime trading platform on the London Stock Exchange, Montreal Exchange and several others. The systems are not only mathematically but also technically challenging–a good place to use his expertise in IT. Jakub has founded and organizes several non-profit projects mainly focused on board games, such as Czech Board Games (7 designed and published games of talented Czech designers), Mind Sports Olympiade (a one-week festival in Prague with 6,000 participants for more than 10 years),  or Game Tours (a series of more than 90 tournaments around the country). Jakub loves folk music, badminton, and honest people.