Irena Bujárková

Irena Bujárková, born in 1966 in Vyškov, C. R., studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague (currently the University of Architecture and Design) in 1986 – 1992. In 1992, she received with Distinction the degree of Master of Art in Book Illustration and Graphics.

She works as a freelance artist. In her work uses mainly intaglio printing techniques (etching, aquatint, dry point, soft-ground etching). She draws her motives from nature that is displayed in a wide range, from reality to abstract. Active in a book and graphic design. Apart from graphic arts she also spends time with painting.

Irena Bujárková worked as a specialised lecturer at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague

In 2007 -2008, where she taught Graphic Techniques. She helped students to finalize their conceptual projects by supporting their studio work.

In 1992, she was awarded a Diploma of Honor in the national competition The Most Beautiful Book Prague, C. R. for an original handmade Art Book “Robinson Jeffers Poetry“. In 1992, she also received an Award of Honor in the Fourth International Biennale of Young Artists (under 35 category) for graphic art prints, Ostrava, C. R. She has taken part in several collective exhibitions, e.g., Give Independence, National Museum, Prague 1998, VOX HUMANIA, Ostrava – Chateau Mnichovo Hradiště – Prague – Brno, 1998. Regularly, she participates in exhibition Print of the Year, Prague. She arranged solo exhibitions: Ghizen Roy Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Gallery “N“, Prague; Gallery Rubicon, Olomouc.

Irena Bujárková is represented in private and public collections in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Previously she participated in teaching in Summer Graphics Courses held in Prague for American students. Since 2012, she leads drawing courses at the Prague Institute of the NC State University.


ADN 490 Art and Design International Studio – Drawing and Etching

ARC 590: Special Topics in Architecture – Drawing