GD 490 Industrial Design International Studio – User Experience (UX)


This studio is an overview of the whole process of mobile application development. This includes creating the idea, designing the user interface and user experience, programming the application and its distribution. The course will be focused on iPhones and iPads, but it will also compare to other platforms.

Half of the class will be focused on the creative part of app development. This involves designing the graphics that makes the app both visually attractive and easy to use. Students will learn to use various designing tools and they will learn about the principles of modern user experience design.

The second half of the course will teach students about the technologies that a developer needs to know to implement an app. This includes the programming languages that are typically used (C, Objective-C) and overview of the libraries and frameworks provided by the system.

After completing the course, students should be able to design and create an iOS application from the beginning to the end. As an assignment, students will be required to form teams that will create an iPad app.