FL 395: Czech Culture & Language

Instructor: Lenka Davidsonová
Credits: 3
GEP: Elective

Course Description

In the language part, the students will learn a certain amount of basic words, questions and phrases, discover some of the basic rules of the complex system upon which the language is organized.
In the culture part, the students will learn basic facts about the country, important moments of its history, culture, and its current life.

Learning Outcomes

The students should get the basics about the structure of Czech language, learn some basic vocabulary and grammar rules and be able to apply them in communication. In the culture part, the students should notice and describe the differences and similarities between Czech and American culture (people´s lifestyle, behavior, habits), get familiar with important periods of Czech history, know of Czech contributions to world culture, and understand the country’s current political situation with regards to the European Union, NATO and other countries.

Course Structure

Classroom instructions with practical applications in everyday life, classroom discussions, individual research and short in class presentations by the students along with trips to museums, theater, and historical sites.