The Prague Institute is located just a few minutes away from the Old Town center in a 13th Century building accessible through a large, wooden gate into a courtyard.

The facilities provide students with spaces for instruction, studio work, cooking, socializing, movie nights, and more. The Institute spans three floors with three entrances. It houses multiple lecture/seminar rooms, studios, computer labs, a library, and a student lounge complete with a kitchen. A variety of shops, markets, and restaurants are conveniently located near the Institute. WiFi is available throughout the Institute and students are encouraged to bring their own laptops. The Institute is monitored by a security guard after hours and equipped with an alarm system, the adjoined courtyard is locked at night. Lockable storage lockers are available in the student lounge.

Lecture/Seminar Rooms
The intimately sized lecture & seminar rooms are equipped with digital projectors and conference style or traditional desk seating.


A studio space is provided to each student in relevant programs.
They are complete with large work tables, ample lighting, pin up boards, and of course wifi  connection.


Computer Lab
Computer lab is located on the first floors with 14 powerful dual boot iMacs. The lab also contain large format printers, both inkjet and colour laser and also scanners. There is also a study room equipped with iMacs located on the second floor next to library. WiFi is accessible anywhere in the Institute.

computer lab

Central Kitchen

The central kitchen is equipped with refrigerators, stove/oven or hot plate, sink, and ample cabinet space for dry goods. Cooking utensils, dishes and tableware are provided and maintained by the students. The kitchen is perfect for either a quick bite to eat or a planned lunch or dinner.

Part of creating a productive atmosphere for students is providing the space to break, relax, and refuel and that is why a big part of the kitchen is also the common room with appropriate seating for dining and lounging.


Study space and Library

Simple and quite space is the best for intense studying and since the Library is located right next to it you will have everything you need to there. It is equipped with iMacs and of course fully covered with WiFi.

To see which books we have in our library, please see the catalogue.