Every term the students are invited on excursions.
In spring, students are invited on a domestic introduction trip for 3 days, The trip will be to a winter landscape in the northern part of the Czech Republic, and if there is snow, winter sports like skiing is possible. Also in spring, students are invited to an excursion to Berlin for the film festival.
In summer, students are invited for a domestic 2 day trip to Český Krumlov, which includes a visit to a castle from the Middle Ages and water rafting.
During the trip, students will be invited to a 3 day excursion to one of the neighbouring countries such as Austria, Poland or Germany
During fall, students are invited for a domestic excursion for 3 days in the first week of their stay. Later, they are invited for a 4 day trip to Venice to visit the Biennale and sightseeing in the beautiful city.
The excursions are included in the fee for the study abroad experience.