LAR 565: International Landscape Architecture Design Studio

This studio explores the historic and complex urban environment of Prague and examines how contemporary interventions can become part of the urban cultural fabric and the natural systems of the city.  During the course of the semester you will explore the urban structure of the city and develop strategies to visualize and interpret urban space.

The Studio is also intended to give you the opportunity to further develop and refine your physical design skills.  Specifically, the studio will focus on developing your ability to accurately envision space, communicate complex design ideas to yourself and others through a variety of media, and understand and depict complex relationships which can be used as a catalyst for creating exciting and enriching environments.  In addition, throughout the semester you will explore the impact of both culture and the environment on urban form.

The main focus of the semester will be to exploring the structure of the urban environment and how cultural and natural elements impact the experience of place. Over the course of the semester students will be involved in a series of short analysis projects and one major design project dealing with a specific aspect of the Prague urban environment.
The objectives or the course are to:

  • Expand your insight into the social and cultural context of design.
  • Develop your ability to depict space and your perception of spatial relationships and structure.
  • Expand your design thinking to include the context of change and the importance of understanding context when being involved in urban design projects.
  • Develop your ability to deal with complex urban design problems and begin to understand the issues that confront a designer when working in a culture other then their own.