ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Transportation Design

The goal in this course is to create a design concept by less conventional methods and to develop a 3D shape that is somewhat unexpected. To find character without complexity in the form. In the first day students will be required to create an image board that they will develop during the course. This will set a theme or subject to the course.

Brainstorming & discussion will follow to extract the essence. This will be the foundation for the sketch development. At the outset the creative method is experimental with opportunities to develop shapes in a variety of ways.

Often in the early design phase, even with the most open of creative projects, many designers tend to follow familiar ways of working. In this project the methods allow the unpredictable to happen, discovering new forms or shapes before going into a more controlled design process. As the project develops the form will evolve into a vehicle form.

Due to the length of the course, speed in decision making will be essential.

Designing is as much about telling a story, as creating a design concept.