ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Furniture Design


The contemporary situation in furniture design in general is markedly liberal and multifarious and presents us with many questions. During the last decade, perceptions of lifestyle have become democratized. There is no universal guide to how contemporary design should look. It cannot be said that a certain style dominates in design or that a single trend prevails. Furniture created by means of industrial mass production exists side-by-side with small-scale production and limited editions. A special place is occupied by design emphasizing craftsmanship and experimental pieces distributed by the authors themselves or via galleries. Furniture design reacts naturally to the numbers of consumer and demand in all the area mentioned.

Course Description

The mission of the Furniture course is to educate those who are interested in designing furniture and interiors to build our aesthetics surroundings. The course is a diverse collection of practical and theoretical disciplines, dedicated to the primacy of studio practice and understanding the background of furniture design in the Czech Republic and the area of Central Europe.