CE 263: Introduction to Construction Engineering

CE 263 is a course in both the CE and CON curricula that introduces the methods and concepts associated with construction engineering. The focus of the class involves gaining an understanding of the diverse parameters that must be considered in the planning and execution of a successful construction process. Various project delivery methods and different contractual arrangements are discussed to gain an understanding of the individual advantages applicable to different types of projects and different organizational structures. The students are introduced to the manner in which projects are defined in Contract Documents and how the requirements of a project are organized and specified in both drawings and specifications. This information covered includes the diversity of means and methods, tools, and equipment enable the students to begin to understand the principles of project management, scheduling, and estimating. Organizational tools such as linear scheduling, work breakdown structure (WBS), and critical path method (CPM) are covered so that the sequence and relationship of various construction activities can defined and evaluated in the effort to save time and minimize costs. Through this understanding, alternatives and choices can be evaluated to determine their impact on efficiency and costs. Professional and legal aspects of construction are also included along with an awareness of construction safety requirements that must be maintained throughout the construction process.