ADN 492: Special Topics in Design – Illustration / FTM 491: Special Topics in Textile and Apparel Management – Illustration

This course is focused on the visual and artistic work with sketches and drawings on their utilization in a poster. The poster should include an event, historical situation (including the presence) or a historical person (from Prague) in art or science, literature or philosophy.

Students will make a research, to find an object of their interest. Each student will keep a visual diary. Through word lists and thumbnail sketches, students will expand their ideas to improve their work.

Students will create a portfolio of drawings and sketches, and temporary, they will find the artistic way, how to express their ideas, using sketches and, maybe a short text. Final work (posters) should show the character of the selected theme, thanks to used drawings, colors and composition.

At the same time with the work on sketches and drawings, students will examine and select an artistic technique (pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, collage, marker) suitable for processing ideas.

The object is to use drawings as an understandable, disclosing element, without the need to work with realistic drawings. Number of illustrations during the process will be individual, dependent on the type of work and technology. Each student will create five posters as the final work. The final work may be digital or analog.