ADN 492: Special Topics in Design – Documentary Digital Film

Documentary films are meaningful and powerful forms of communication, and this studio will introduce you to the production of your own documentary film, using the city of Prague as the backdrop of your work and the main character.

At the end of the studio, you will create up to 5 min. D.I.Y. documentary film using your video footage, sound recordings and creative montage skills. The studio will also stimulate competences such as capacity of analysis and synthesis, capacity to use your personal experience as a rich source of inspiration; capacity to translate an idea into an audiovisual (filmic) project; and capacity to plan an effective project, pitch the project publicly and be ready to evaluate it.

The main task of this course is to create up to 5 min documentary of a single topic or portrait of a single person in its natural environment (or the environment given by the concept). The film might be also fictional, pedagogical aim is to work with Film Language. Creative limit is a usage of minimal sync-sound in direct speech into camera (possibly except of situation). No talking heads. There will be focus on making additional sound composition based on sounds collected on the place.

The student makes choices of event or a process, which develops in time, maximum one week and make a dynamic film report using subjective authors point of view. Film uses key elements of real process (characters, selected locations, situations) to build narrative structure.

Technical Requirements:

The minimum requirement is a smartphone with an HD camera or any other HD camera/device. Videos will be edited with Final Cut Pro X therefore it is highly encouraged to have it installed on your laptop. However, you are more than welcome to use the iMacs in Prague Institute computer lab which have Final Cut Pro X already installed.