ADN 492: Special Topics in Design – Czech Culinary Arts and Culture

This course combines spicy tidbits of food lore with practical tips and cooking skill-building lessons on how to prepare a nutritional and traditional Czech cuisine. It gives students the unique opportunity to get a taste of Czech culture through its food. Every country, and each region within it, has its own cultural identity; each has its own culinary specialties, especially during Christmas and Easter. Students will develop culinary art skills through the celebration of traditional and innovative cooking techniques throughout the ages as well as contemporary adaptations and international influences. Czechs throughout history have been praised for their exceptional wild game preparation, hearty soups and breads, delicious pastries, excellent wines and world-renown beer production. Students will explore the world that surrounds the production, preparation and consumption of food by looking at Czech agricultural production, Czech design in ceramics, glass, pottery, utensils, and tableware. Students will visit a typical Czech pub, and see new restaurant interiors designed by Czech architects. Several field trips and visits with Czech chefs are included.