ADN 492: Special Topics in Design – Curatorial Studies

Curatorial Studies Course will unfold multiple activities, narratives, histories, agencies and forms of displays around the public as well as semi-public presentation of what today we call Art, Fine Art or Contemporary Art.

First part of the course will offer navigation true Case Studies showing selected displays from the history of the museum, private collections, Wunderkammers (Cabinet of Curiosities), Parisian Salons. The course will particularly focus on the examples from the (hi)-story of avant-garde exhibition making in between 1902 – 2015 – such as XIV Secession exhibition, Armory Show, First International Dada Fair, the Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme, Le Vide, Documenta I, Les Magiciens dela Terre and many others. An excursion will pay tribute to the work of Czech theatre designer Josef Svoboda, inventor of Diapolyekran, Laterna magica and systems of photography and moving image displays.

As far as the occupation of a curator is articulated in between the theory and the practice, second part of the course will held more interactive form of a seminar, exhibition visit and a workshop. Professor will introduce practically the participants in the processes of the exhibition making. It will include analytical and critical visit to an exhibition and permanent museum collection as well as one workshop of exhibition proposal or scenario writing and one workshop with an exhibition architect, exhibition producer and graphic designer.