FTM 491: Special Topics in Textile and Apparel Management – Costume Design

Prague, the center of Central European culture, is known for its large number of theaters. Many famous theater performances and operas had its premiere in Prague. This environment forms an excellent backdrop for the Costume Design Studio.

Students have the opportunity to become acquainted with Czech theater scene and visit several performances of various genres. Students visit the workshops of the National Theatre, where they can get acquainted in detail with the preparation of the show –  from costumes, over shoes, wigsand other props. Costume Design Studio enables students to expand their understanding of costume design and all the contexts that influence the costume design.


The goal of Costume Design Studio based on these findings is:

  • become familiar with designing costumes
  • develop the creativity in designing costumes
  • broaden the knowledge and skills in implementing costume
  • expand own skills to realize the costume for a given topic
  • develop the knack in the use of one or more textile techniques