ADN 490: Art + Design International Studio – Kiln Glass


This “hands-on” studio will enable students to realize their own glass designs using kiln-forming and cold-working techniques within the country that is known as the principal producer of large scale, kiln-cast, glass sculpture. Student’s drawings will be translated into a glass medium by cutting, grinding, fusing, sagging, slumping and casting glass into molds that we will create from plaster, metal and ceramic. Various experimental techniques will be also covered.

During the semester students will realize several smaller projects and one major final project, which will be more independently approached and built on skills and knowledge gained during the semester.

The aim of the studio in not only to teach techniques, but as well an artistic and sculptural approach to the material. Classes covering history and the presence of art in glass will be taught each week and complemented by visits of contemporary art and applied art exhibitions.


To reach the best results from the student projects, the course will be supplemented by art practice part, which incorporates improving drawing, sketching and sculpting skills and theoretical and critical development of the projects.

At the end of the semester students should be capable of developing their own projects from initial ideas and drawings to realisation in material. They should be able to implement their vision independently and with confidence, using all the techniques this course will cover.

Finalized works will be installed and exhibited at the end of the semester within the Institute. At the same time a virtual online gallery of students pieces will be created.

Students will be encouraged to keep their notes about projects and processes as well as sketchbooks of ideas.