Sep 20, 2021

The World Comes Home to NC State

After a tumultuous 2020-2021 school year, NC State Global is looking forward to sending students to study abroad, welcoming international students to campus, meeting face-to-face (with masks) for global events, and learning together again. “Global engagement has been seriously impaired […]

Jun 28, 2021  |  Newswire

Meet Jack Wilcox

Jack Wilcox is a student of Industrial Design at NC State College of Design in his junior year. Jack was one of the 16 students to brave the pandemic and travel to Prague for a study abroad semester. In this interview, Jack relates how he experienced living and studying […]

May 18, 2021  |  Newswire

Meet Ellie Duquaine

Ellie Duquaine is a student of Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering at NC State. She came to NC State Prague for a Classic Spring semester in 2021. In her interview, she shares all things related to life in Prague during a pandemic […]

Jun 26, 2020

Meet Bree Smith

Bree Smith is a student at East Carolina University coming from Wake Forest. She chose NC State Prague for her semester abroad and joined our Classic Spring 2020 program. In this interview, Bree shares her takeaways from the semester, and why she set her […]

Apr 25, 2020

Meet Holly Grobholz

Meet Holly Grobholz, a very positive, talkative girl with a sunny personality, coming from New Jersey. When I first met her, she just came from the airport after a 15-hour flight, and she was not tired at all! She was very excited and energetic. She was thrilled to finally be […]

Mar 15, 2019

Leaving behind the sense of urgency …

… for a regular day to day life in Prague.Catherine Chaney, NC State Prague Alumni Spring 2014 shares her experience. Prague is the top destination for study abroad at NC State for the past few years and attracts students from […]