Learning by Doing

In-Country Excursion

Fall and Spring programs include a 3-day in-country excursion, usually at the start of the program. Students and local staff get the opportunity to meet and discover a region of the Czech Republic. The most popular destination is the UNESCO World Heritage town, Český Krumlov in South Bohemia. Students spend 2 nights in the picturesque medieval town, and take part in various activities such as rafting or ice-skating, depending on the seasons.

Out-of-Country Excursion

All semester-long programs include a 3-day excursion to a European city. Destinations vary depending on the program, and students typically choose from one of several options. Through a carefully prepared thematic journey, students discover a European metropolis off the beaten track.

Cultural Activities

Prague has a rich cultural life. Between classical opera, avant-garde plays, jazz clubs, museums, exhibitions, festivals, there is always something going on. Students, as part of all programs, can choose to attend either one or two of the performances carefully selected by NC State Prague local staff.

Academic Field Trips

Courses at NC State Prague follow the motto; "Prague becomes your classroom," Local instructors emphasize direct experience by taking students to relevant places. Students in the past have visited the Museum of Communism, Old Wastewater Treatment plant, and the Center for Contemporary Art to name a few examples.

Extracurricular Activities

NC State Prague offers non-credit lessons on Czech Cooking as an option to all students, included in the program cost. Students receive details on how to sign up upon arrival in Prague.